• Dated from: 75 BCE
  • Found: Ken Hill, Snettisham (Norfolk) in 1950
  • Size:
  • Materials: 1Kg of gold mixed with silver

The Snettisham Torc is made from sixty-four threads of gold (with silver) and each thread is around 1.9 mm wide. Eight threads were twisted together to make 8 separate ropes of metal. These were twisted around each other to create the final torc, with the hollow ends cast in moulds, then welded onto the ropes. The torc was buried tied together with a complete bracelet by another torc.


Battersea Shield



  • Dated from: 350 - 50 BCE
  • Found: River Thames (London)
  • Size: Length: 77.7 cm; Width: 34.1–35.7 cm; Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Materials: Bronze

The Battersea Shield is sheet bronze covering a wooden shield and is made of several pieces, held together by rivets concealed under the decorative elements decorated in La Tène style. It was clearly was not made for battle, as it is too short to provide sensible protection and the thin metal would be destroyed if hit by a sword. The shield has twenty-seven framed studs of red enamel (opaque red glass) in four different sizes, the largest set at the centre of the boss.


  • Dated from: 250 - 50 BCE
  • Found: River Thames (London) 1868
  • Size:
  • Materials: Bronze

The Horned or Battersea helmet is the only Iron Age helmet to have ever been found in southern England. It is made from two sheets of bronze that are held together with bronze rivets and decorated front and back with the style of La Tène art. Two conical bronze horns with terminal knobs are riveted to the top of the helmet and a crescent-shaped bronze piece is riveted to the bottom.Originally, the bronze helmet would have been a shining polished bronze colour and designed to hold red glass enamel studs. It is very unlikely this helmet was made to be used in war, as the thin metal would be too fragile for use in battle.

( Fuzzypeg - Public Domain)


  • Dated from: 50 BCE
  • Found:  Desborough (Northamptonshire) in 1908
  • Size: length 35cm; diameter 20cm
  • Materials: Bronze

Iron Age mirrors are complex objects made of bronze, iron, or a combination of bronze and iron components, that have a handle and a plate. Sometimes the back of the plate is decorated with intricate La Tène / Celtic designs.

Around 30 mirrors have been found throughout the British Isles, dating from around 300 BC – AD 70

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