Ancient Craft People

Dave Chapman Since 1995 the Bronze Age Foundry has been dedicated to reproducing tools, weapons and artefacts from the Bronze Age
Emily Edwards A freelance prehistoric pottery specialist offering recording, analysis and interpretation advice
Hector Cole Master arrowsmith and archaeological ironworker
Graham Taylor Experimental Archaeologist/Master Potter
Jacqui Wood Independent researcher and Experimental Archaeologist for over the last 25 years
John Lord
The most experienced British Flintknapper
Karl Lee
Based in Gloucester, flintknapper and expert in bushcraft
Merryn Dineley Demonstrations of the traditional craft of malting & brewing
Neil Burridge A specialist in reproducing bronze age artifacts using authentic materials and methods
Paul Atkin 10 years experience in historical woodware with the pole lathe and an historical re-enactor
The Potter Man 10 years experience as a ceramic artist, running a studio in North Yorkshire and delivering pottery workshops
Will Lord Flintknapping & traditional bow making

Primitive Technology & Material Suppliers

Bowstock Leather Useful information, online tuition and supplies of leather working

Arts & Technologies of Early Peoples
Primitive Technology Society The Society of Primitive Technology is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the research, practice, and teaching of primitive technology
Primitive Ways Primitive skills and articles
Trading Leaf Post Handmade quality crafts and natural prehistoric materials
Traditional Materials Leather, wood, metals, horn, bone, rope, parchment, tools and materials that would have been familiar to craftsmen from 50 to 500 years ago

Archaeology & Archaeologists / Blogs

Prof Alice Roberts Home page of the well know anatomist, author & broadcaster
Becoming Human

Interactive research and understanding of the course of human evolution
Prof Bruce Bradley

Associate Professor University of Exeter, Department of Archaeology
Gillian Hovell

Historian, archaeologist and Classicist, lecturer, public speaker and author (Visiting the Past, Roman Britain (March 2012) and Latin All Around Us (Cambridge University Press, due 2013)
Guerrilla Archaeology Guerrilla Archaeology is a Cardiff-based collective made up of archaeologists, scientists and artists dedicated to bringing the past alive
My Prehistoric

Claudio Nucci: mineralogist, Geologist, Archaeologist, Maker of Prehistoric Tools
Past Horizons Adventures in Archaeology
Prehistoric Shamanism Shamanism is an ancient tradition of empowerment, healing, and walking in harmony with the world
Rescue Archaeology The British Archaeology Trust helping to save the past for the future
Stone Age Reference Collection SARC is a reference program containing information about the typology, technology, raw materials and study methods of the Stone Age
These Bones of Mine Blog covering Human Osteology, Archaeology, Biological Anthropology and physical Anthropology

Marine Archaeology

Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology The ACUA has been at the forefront of underwater archaeology for more than 50 years
Archaeological Divers Association ARMET Divers Association train recreational divers in the same principles of underwater archaeology projects as professional archaeologists
Anglo-Danish Maritime Archaeology Anglo ~ Danish Maritime Archaeological Team (A.D.M.A.T.) is a specialist Maritime  Archaeological Organisation
BBC Archaeology
BBC Introduction to Marine Archaeology
Build a Coracle How to build an ancient water craft
Clay tobacco pipes Clay tobacco pipe makers' marks from London
Hampshire & Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology
The HWTMA conducts maritime archaeological research and fieldwork, with outreach and education
MAST Maritime Archaeology Sea Trust (MAST)
Mudlarking Thames And Field Metal Detecting Society
Museum of Underwater Archaeology The online MUA helps underwater archaeologists and maritime historians present their research on shipwrecks and other sites to the public
Nautical Archaeology Society NAS furthers interest in our underwater cultural heritage through structured courses
Scapa Flow Marine Archaeological ScapaMAP (Scapa Flow Marine Archaeology Project) is a project to document the waters of Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands of Scotland
Thames Discovery Programme Explore the archaeology and history of the Thames foreshore
Underwater and Maritime Archaeology

Underwater and Maritime Archaeology links
Underwater Archaeology Glossary Glossary

Prehistoric Art

Archaeology & Cave Art Stone Age art and postage stamps
Art of the Mesolithic Era The Art of the Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) Era
Bradshaw Foundation Gallery The art of the Ice Age
Clearwell Caves Clearwell Caves are amongst the earliest and one of the last producers of ochre in the UK. Ochre is thought to have been mined there for more than 7000 years.
Ice Age Art The art of the Ice Age
Lascaux Cave Virtual tour of the world famous Lascaux Cave system
Palaeoart Palaeolithic Art
PALEO ART Upper Paleolithic Cave Painting and Art
Prehistoric Art Timeline List of Dates of Stone Age Arts: Chronology of Paleolithic, Mesolithic & Neolithic Petroglyphs, Cupules, Cave Painting

Living History & Reenactment


The best late-Roman full combat group in the UK with many exciting UK events

Historic UK Historic UK website, dedicated to Living History - living history events, battle re-enactments and the people who make it happen, re-enactors
The Roundhouse Project The Roundhouse Project is a group of individuals from the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales (UK) who have constructed two Iron Age Roundhouses
Skirmish Magazine Skirmish Magazine is the world's leading multi-period historical re-enactment and living history magazine

Archaeology Education & DIY Craft Projects

Ancient Arts Experimental archaeology group exploring Bronze Age copper smelting & casting techniques. They provide a range of replica prehistoric & Roman artefacts for teaching collections

Archaeosoup Productions is a multi-faceted public education enterprise which seeks to increase public awareness of archaeology and heritage
Big Heritage Big Heritage is a heritage company who work with a wide range of educational institutions, museums, galleries and public bodies to get people excited about the awesomeness of Britain's heritage
Dig It! 2015 Dig It! 2015 is co-ordinated by two charities – the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland andArchaeology Scotland. The Society promotes research into the past and Archaeology Scotland focuses on education, promotion and support of our archaeological heritage.
Digability The Inclusive Archaeology Education Project  called "Digability" aims to overcome barriers by  providing opportunities for people under-represented in archaeology
Elmet Elmet Archaeological Services Ltd is a social enterprise, providing access to archaeology and education through experience and opportunity
Enrichment Through Archaeology Enrichment Through Archaeology provides archaeology workshops, events, and field-trips for schools, groups, and businesses in the Peak District and beyond
Experimental Ancient Cooking This project involves the experimental archaeology of food and cooking
Find School Workshops A list of groups and individuals providing presentations and workshops for UK (primary) schools
Good Site for Kids List of sites covering Ancient History and Archaeology for kids

At Mountsandel, in Coleraine, archaeologists have found evidence of a human settlement more than 9000 years old. This makes Mountsandel the oldest known human settlement in Ireland.
Portals to the Past In Portals’ Primary Level History workshops, as well as a range of high quality reproduction artefacts, wherever possible, real archaeological finds are used to put the period being studied into context
Recycling crafts Recycling and Paper Arts and Crafts for Kids

Councils, Societies & Groups

Council for British Archaeology An educational charity to promote the appreciation and care of the historic environment for the benefit of present and future generations
EXARC EXARC is the ICOM (International Council of Museums) Affiliated Organisation representing archaeological open-air museums and experimental archaeology
Experimental Archaeology Conference A site dedicated to the Experimental Archaeology Conferences held in the UK
Heritage Crafts Association The HCA works with Government and key agencies to provide a focus for craftspeople who care about the loss of traditional craft skills and works towards a sustainable framework for the future
Human Origins British-based peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal dedicated to human origins research and Palaeolithic archaeology
Iron-Age (Nidderdale) Iron-Age (Nidderdale) is a Community Archaeology Project based at Dacre in Nidderdale investigating historic iron smelting and smithing in North Yorkshire
Lithics Study Society
The Lithic Studies Society seeks to advance the international study of lithic industries

Society of Museum Archaeologists

Promotes museum involvement in all aspects of archaeology, greater public understanding of the archaeological past and a fuller public appreciation of the importance of archaeology
Prehistoric Archery and Atlatl Society PAAS aim is to be the UK resource for knowledge in the fields of prehistoric archery and atlatl's and to foster links with the worldwide community
Prehistoric Ceramics Research Group
PCRG was formed to promote regular contacts between those with interests in prehistoric ceramics
Prehistoric Society
The Prehistoric Society's interests are world wide and extend from the earliest human origins to the emergence of written records
UNESCO World Heritage Convention
YAC - Young Archaeologist's Club
The UK's biggest archaeology group for under sixteens


Prehistoric Waterford

Prehistoric Waterford (SE Ireland) listing sites dating back to the Neolithic period
Shaman Portal The Global Resource for all things Shamanic
Slinging News and information about the ancient sling weapon
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