4th August 2013: 4 x 4 Voyager Experience

Something a little different - a 4 x 4 voyager course driving a Land Rover Defender 110 with Woodland Ways in a National Forest, on farmland with a purpose built 4x4 off road driving course. Followed by a basic survival course and simple no-pluck preparation of wood pigeon for our lunch.

Basic survival skills covered:

  • Fire- Sources of fire: car batteries, torch batteries, headlamp, potassium permanganate, tinder, kindling, building and establishing your fire
  • Food- Game preparation, traps and snares
  • Water- Sourcing, collecting, filtering and purifying your water
  • Shelter- Use of your vehicle, bashas, campsite location, camp craft, building your camp
  • Survival Plan- Priorities: Protection, Provisions, Position
  • Navigation- Introduction to map and compass, direction finding, pacing, relocation, distance, back bearings
    Natural navigation, solar navigation, stars, moon, natural indicators, shadow stick

Simple no-pluck preparation of wood pigeon

First remove both wings (one at a time) by taking thr body in one hand and twist the wing with the other hand, until it comes off and discard

Remove the head by simply pulling off and discard, then remove any grain/food from the bird's gullet

Put both thumbs into the hole around the neck area

Pull both thumbs apart to start to separate the breast from the pigeon

Remove innards from around the breast and discard, then start to peel the skin to fully remove the breast

The breast should come away cleanly - there is more meat available from the thighs, however this was not necessary for our needs

Once remove, the breast can be cleaned and cooked in a variety of ways


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