7th August 2013: Filming with Channel 4's Time Team

I was asked to talk part in filming as part of a Team Time Special, playing part in a Shaman ritual demonstration at night on a beach at Low Hauxley is (Northumberland).

The regular cast Francis Pryor, Tony Robinson and Phil Harding were talking to specialist Dr Ffion Reynolds, who I had worked with in Anglesey earlier in the year.

The show called "Britain's Bronze Age Mummies" will be first broadcast on 2nd March 2014 at 8pm. 

From the Channel 4 website:

In 2500BC, Britain entered the Bronze Age, one of the most mysterious periods of our ancient past. As Tony Robinson discovers, most mysterious of all were the strange rituals, death rites and beliefs from this distant time.

The Time Team cameras followed a spectacular dig in the summer of 2013 on a long-forgotten burial ground clinging to the coast of north east England. It's called Low Hauxley, and back in the Bronze Age it was completely surrounded by water. The whole area may prove to have bodies in it - but one more winter storm and it could be washed away, so archaeologists are racing against time to excavate it before it's too late.

Elsewhere, Tony and fellow Time Team stalwarts Francis Pryor and Phil Harding tour the country to investigate other bizarre recent finds that are changing our understanding of the Bronze Age: holes drilled into human bone, magical objects buried with the dead, and even mummified remains, right here in Britain. 

In the Orkneys, they join a dig on a huge site unveiling ancient temples of a scale never before seen in this country.

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