9th March 2013: Stone Age Family Fun Day

My first public event of 2013 was at the Royston and District Museum and Art Gallery. Although I have done several events there over the years, this was the first time it was dedicated to the Stone Age and also the first outing for my replica Stone Age deer skin dwelling. Owning to the adverse weather conditions, we decided to move most of the activities inside, while I stayed outside flintknapping, with some of the Time Trackers and my fellow flintknapper John Sharpe.

The activities were divided into six zones:

Nearly 250 children and adults (and the local press) visited the museum and all seemed to enjoy the experience, especially the inside the atmospheric dwelling, complete with animal bones, tools, antlers and an imitation camp fire! For those who responded, 50% said it was their first visit to the museum:

Anna (Royston) - "I learnt a lot about Stone Age and making things"

Archie (Royston) - "Really enjoyed it - lots of cool things"

Hannah (Bassingbourn) - "It was really good and the helpers were really nice"

James (Stanton) - "Fantastic experience of all ages including adults"

Lily (Royston) - "Very good especially for the little one's"

Charlotte (Letchworth) - "Excellent afternoon. Very helpful and informative"

Velma (Royston) - "Great Event"

Anne (Royston) - "Very well organised - would love to come to a similar event if you ever have one again"

Many thanks to the museum volunteers and extra helpers on the day, including: Anstey, Amy, Phil, Mike, Gavin, Martin, the Time Trackers (Joe, Ben, Conor and Rachael) and Jack (from Southampton University).

The event was also special as it will be the last for museum curator Carole Kazak (above right with Time Tracker helper) who is retiring at the end of March. Carole supported and encouraged me in the early days of my interest in archaeology and in 2005 agreed for us to hold the first ever Archaeology Family Fun Day in Royston.

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