13th/14th April 2013: Flintknapping at Ancient Technology Centre

Over the weekend I was invited to perform a full Stone Age living history (including flintknapping demonstrations) at the Ancient Technology Centre in Dorset. This was to form part of their annual Stone Age Weekend.

The weather on Saturday was very poor and this reflected in the small number of visitors to the site. Sunday was much brighter and after a few morning "April" showers, was dry for the rest of the day. This helped to bring a good number of people to the site to enjoy the various events.

On Sunday, some of the ATC volunteers and I experimented using a flint wedge to split wood. I had done this several years ago at Flag Fen, but using wooden wedges, so this was and interesting challenge. Although the sharpe flint made the initial cut well, overall it was not as successful as using wooden wedges.

The Ancient Technology Centre is well worth a visit, with a number of interesting buildings and structures on site. I hope to return again sometime, possible at their Roman Weekend in September.

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