20th April 2013: Flintknapping with Canterbury YAC

I always enjoy supporting and demonstrating flintknapping to Young Archaeologist Clubs and working with the Canterbury YAC branch was no exception. A number of children, parents and leaders/helpers came along to see the event and they asked some good questions. I hope they all enjoyed it and learned a little about flintknapping.

(Courtesy of Abby Guinness)

"I'd like to thank you again for travelling all that way to run the session for Canterbury YAC.  The YACs really enjoyed it, and you presented the session in a fun and informative way.
It was great to see the various tools being knapped from scratch, which I think gave the YACs a better understanding of how flint tools are made.
We were all impressed by your initiative to set up your Ancient Crafts company, and wish you all the best in the future.

Branch Leader, Canterbury YAC 

(Courtesy of Abby Guinness)

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