4th March 2014: Broomgrove Junior School

I was invited by Year 3 teachers Fran and Becky to perform Stone Age living history for their pupils at the Broomgrove Junior School in Essex. The children all seemed to really enjoy the event and were keen to hear all about life in the ancient past. The picture below is at the start of the day, set up and ready for the first students to arrive.

Comments from the staff:

"This is just to say thank you very much for the fantastic introduction to The Stone Age which our classes received today. We could not have asked for more! The children loved the explanations of how spears developed to become more effective weapons for hunting. The artefacts you brought with you had all the adults and children watching utterly captivated. Everyone wanted to touch the furs, antlers, bow, headdress etc."

  "The flint knapping was fascinating and brought home the skills which ancient peoples needed to survive. Similarly, we were all amazed at the deft use of sticks to create fire. We can honestly say that our Year Three classes are brimming with enthusiasm about their Stone Age topic. Testament to this was the children’s spontaneous role play during break time when they re-enacted all the things that they had been learning from you; making tools and weapons, crawling into shelters, hunting, drumming and making fire. A great day!"

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