17th January 2014: Thames Discovery Programme / FROGS

I teamed up with Freelance Archaeological Consultant Jon Cotton at the Mortimer Wheeler House for a Thames Discovery Programme / FROGS Riverpedia presentation and workshop on lithics. With an keen and interested audience of around 20, Jon introduced the session at 10:30am with a great presentation on lithics; aferwards, the FROG members had a good look at my replica tools.

The afternoon session started with a demonstration of flintknapping, before everyone had a go - it was the largest audience that I have held a workshop for. Everyone made progress and seemed to enjoy themselves.

>> Flickr Photos <<

Hopefully Thames Discovery Programme will organise a few more lithic sessions - comments after the event:

"A huge thank you to our fantastic tutors on the flint workshop: Jon Cotton & James Dilley"

"I learnt a lot about flint tools & use - Well Done"

"The practical was great - All very interesting"

"It was all excellent; would have been nice to have a bit longer doing the actual knapping"

"I enjoyed the presentation, the demonstration and the hands-on attempt at knapping myself"

"Opportunity to actually flintknap, at last !"

"Well that was one of the funnest & most informative days for a while. Prehistoric flints 101 thanks to @ThamesDiscovery

(Photos - thanks to N.Cohen / Thames Discovery Programme)

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