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31st December 2014: Year Review

A review of the year 2014 for Ancientcraft

22nd /27th August 2014: Orkney Islands

A six day visit around the wonderful Orkney Islands was a great way to see many of the ancient sites (just a very long way to drive).


26th July / 2nd August 2014: Dordogne

Coming Soon

30th June/24th July 2014: Ice Age Island ~ Jersey

Stone Age Living History on the Ice Age Island of Jersey located at the La Hougue Bie museum and working with Jersey Heritage curator Olga Finch as a Specialist in Prehistoric Technologies.

21st/22nd June 2014: Bryn Celli Ddu

I joined a number of archaeologists and living history reenactors for the second year at the annual summer solstice public event at Bryn Celli Ddu Burial Chamber in Anglesey, North Wales.

19th June 2014: Schools Prehistory Teacher Training Day

I teamed up with Schools Prehistory and Sun Jester for the first ever Schools Prehistory Teacher Training Day at the Buckinghamshire County Museum.

9th June 2014: Coppice School (Lancs)

I journeyed north to Lancashire to visit the Coppice School (a special school for pupils aged between 2 and 19 years of age) for a Stone Age Living History day.

7th June 2014: Bexley YAC

I went to London Borough of Bexley (Kent) to run two workshops: one for the Bexley Young Archaeologist Group in the morning and one for parents and adults; some part of the Bexley Archaeological Group that was set up in 1979.

6th May 2014: Replica Stone Age Artefacts for English Heritage

I was commissioned by English Heritage to provide replica stone age items that would be displayed in the Neolithic dwellings at the new visitor centre in Stonehenge.

5th May 2014: Millbridge Brook Meadows(Gamlingay)

The Gamlingay Archaeology Group (GAMARCH) invited me to join the opening of Millbridge Brook Meadows near Gamlingay on Bank Holiday Monday.

16/17th April 2014: Saffron Walden Museum

As part of the Saffron Walden Museum's exhibition "Secrets from the Stores" (which runs until the 20th July 2014), I was invited to perform Stone Age living history for the visitors.

4th March 2014: Broomgrove Junior School

I was invited by Year 3 teachers Fran and Becky to perform Stone Age living history for their pupils at the Broomgrove Junior School in Essex.


2nd March 2014: Time Team Special: Britain's Bronze Age Mummies

During 2013, I was involved in the filming of a Time Team Special, that was to become "Britain's Bronze Age Mummies" at Low Hauxley (Northumberland) with the regular cast Francis Pryor, Tony Robinson and Phil Harding.

17th January 2014: Thames Discovery Programme / FROGS

I teamed up with Freelance Archaeological Consultant Jon Cotton at the Mortimer Wheeler House for a Thames Discovery Programme / FROGS Riverpedia presentation and workshop on lithics.

14th January 2014: Victoria Park Primary Academy

I had a great day with the Year 4 pupils at Victoria Park Primary Academy in Smethwick, West Midlands; lots of interest and insightful questions from the children, who were very knowledgeable about the Stone Age.

7th January 2014: Myatt Garden Primary School

For my first flintknapping demo of 2014, I was at the Myatt Garden Primary School in London for a full living history session to the 58 pupils of Year 4. This was part of their project to learn about the Stone Age to Iron Age.


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