8th May 2015: Stonehenge Volunteer Workshop

I was asked back by English Heritage to do a second lithics workshop for some of the Stonehenge volunteers. This time we worked inside the Neolithic Houses, which gave the event a really authentic feel, which I think everyone enjoyed. The volunteers focused on making Neolithic knives, which involved flintknapping, wood cutting, binding and finally gluing.

Feedback from the day:

"I really enjoyed the Flint knife making session, as it’s the first time I’m dealing with that kind of work! After that session, it became easier to explain to visitors the Neolithic techniques – as I have been using some of them!! I especially enjoy telling visitors about the 'Neolithic glue', a mixture between pine resin, beeswax and charcoal. It is nice sharing that kind of detail about the Neolithic Life."

“It was easily the most enjoyable course we’ve been on so far!  thank you so much!"

"Thanks again for the excellent flint knife knapping session at Stonehenge and the flint axe course at Devizes Museum. As a Neolithic house interpreter the knowledge gained from these courses, both the practical aspect and the historical background to the subject, certainly enhances my ability to convey the subject to visitors."

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