25th October 2015: Ice Age Island Exhibition

During autumn half-term, I was at the Jersey Museum & Art Gallery in St Helier, as part of a major new Ice Age Island exhibition which tells the story the Ice Age from Britain, Europe and Jersey. Many artefacts found over the last few years at Jersey were on display, but also joined by other items, including a cast of prints from the oldest footprints found outside Africa and million year old pine cones.

The star of the exhibition is Barbu the life-size Neanderthal model and I took the opportunity to get a selfie with him. Pudsey Bear and Blush from BBC's Children in Need visited the exhibition on 27th October to have their photo's with Barbu, before helping me with a bow drill.

Ancientcraft meets Barbu

One of the main exhibits on display is possibly the oldest piece of artwork from the British Isles found at the 14,000 year old hunter-gatherer settlement at Les Varines, during the summer of 2015.

BBC Jersey News came along to film the first week and I was shown in the background (see below) with a group of children during the short report that was broadcast on 29th October.

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