12th March 2016: Science & Engineering Day (University of Southampton)

The annual Science & Engineering Day at the University of Southampton, found me and a number of my colleagues at the #ArchaeoVillage located outside building 7 at the Highfield Campus. My display was named "Tools through time: 2 million years of technological innovation" which naturally included lots of flint knapping.

Other archaeology displays included:

  • Keeping caveman warm: turning animal furs into clothing
  • Making and Dating Prehistoric Cave Art
  • Prehistoric metallurgy: smelting bronze age weapons
  • How to Cross a River with a Cow: Floats, Rafts & Boats from Prehistory to Now
  • Build A Burial
  • Meet the Ancestors: Life and Death in Medieval Southampton
  • Seeing beneath the ground with archaeological survey
  • Distinguishing treasure from tatt. Can you spot the real archaeological artefacts among the replicas?

(Photo courtesy ~ @Jake_Rowland1 , @JoJames10 & @UoS_Engagement)

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