16th April 2016: Primitive Living Skills Workshop (with Cardiff University)

During April, I was invited to join a number of archaeology students and staff from the School of History, Archaeology and Religion at Cardiff University and Dryad Bushcraft at a woodland in the Gower (South Wales) for a Primitive Living Skills workshop. The 2-day course covered a number of skills including:

  • Friction Fire-lighting
  • Butchery techniques
  • Flintknapping
  • Wilderness Cooking
  • Identifying edible plants
  • Natural Cordage

Getting there was half the fun and we even had a Land Rover Defender traffic jam (if you look closely at the photo below).

Organised with Archaeology illustrator Ian Dennis (left) who I met at the Prehistoric Festival at North Yarrows (Caithness) in 2015.

Ian's current research interests focus on the use of experimental archaeology to explore craft manufacturing techniques from Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and Norse Britain


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