8th February 2017: English Heritage filming at Stonehenge

I was invited by English Heritage to take part in a YouTube video to promote Stonehenge and various ancient crafts. Along with Graham Taylor and Sally-Ann Spence, we arrived just before sunrise to a quiet and deserted monument - the first time I had ever been inside the circle of stones.

Stonehenge EH filming

The initial video was the three of us walking to and from the henge (above: walking north-east towards the Heel Stone). Other footage was taken inside the circle, as the sun came up. A wonderful experience for us all.

Stonehenge EH filming

Later that morning, I did some flintknapping in one of the replica Neolithic houses (at the entrance) showing the various stages of creation of a polished axehead. This was to show the construction of a axe, as seen in the image above (along with me wearing my interpretation of the Shaman headdress (inspired by the illustration by Karol Schauer)  from the grave found in Bad Nuremberg in the 1930's).

Stonehenge EH filming

Here is the finished video on the English Heritage page: 7 Innovations of the people who built Stonehenge

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