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17th April 2017: Summer Solstice at Bryn Celli Ddu

Over 750 visitors joined a group of reenactors, archaeologists, druids and astronomers at the annual Summer Solstice celebration at the Bryn Celli Ddu burial Chamber (Mound in the Dark Grove) on Anglesey

20th April 2017: Prehistoric Filming for Travel Channel

I was asked by the US Travel Channel to create a number of prehistoric scenes and discuss their archaeological significance for a new show to promote archaeology and travel in the UK.

11th-12th March 2017: Stone Age Living History at Stonehenge

As part of series of ancient technology weekends, I was invited by English Heritage to perform a Stone Age living hstory for the general public.

4th-5th March 2017: Bronze Age Casting at Dove Valley Centre

Second Bronze Age casting workshop of 2107; this time at the Dove Valley Centre in Buxton (Derbyshire)

25th February 2017: Bronze Age Casting at Pitt Rivers Museum

First Bronze Age casting workshop of 2017, at the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford.

8th February 2017: English Heritage ~ Stonehenge Filming

I was invited by English Heritage (along with Graham Taylor and Sally-Ann Spence) to take part in a YouTube film to promote Stonehenge.

16th January 2017: Findout! Stone Age ~ DK Books

DK Books published the book "Findout! Stone Age" that helped create in May 2016.

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