Flag Fen

  • Period : Late Bronze Age (about 3500 years old)
  • Type: Causeway
  • Address:The Droveway, Northey Road
    Peterborough. PE6 7QJ
  • OS Grid Ref:
  • Onsite Facilities: Visitor Centre, Workshops
  • Patron: HRH Duke of Gloucester

Discovered by Francis Prior in 1982, Flag Fen is a 1km long wooden trackway that was built between 1350 and 950 BC. Many swords and personal items given as offerings to the watery fen have also been found.

The original timbers can be seen (in situ) in a specially constructed shed that maintains humidity and regularly sprays the fragile timbers. The walls are painted to show what the scene may have been like when the causeway was created.

This is a small reconstruction of what the causeway may have looked liked orginally.

It is believed that the post alignment or ritual causeway consists of 60,000 vertical timbers and 250,000 other horizontal pieces of wood. All of them have been worked and shaped with tools.

The Bronze Age Round House

The Iron Age Round House

Britainnia have been at Flag Fen for a number of years. Click here to see pictures of our 2009, 2010 or 2011 event.


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