Archaeology Family Fun Day

Since 2005, my family and I have organised Archaeology Family Fun Days at the Royston & District museum which have been educational, raised funds for the museum and always been great fun.


In 2005 Time Team planned a Big Roman Dig across the UK. Because I was well known at the Royston & District museum as someone very interested in Roman archaeology and also I had some Roman artefacts from a local field walking trip, the curator asked if I would be interested in showing some of my finds. This is how the annual Archaeology Family Fun Day started. We organised some historical themed games with lots of prizes, such as Archaeology and history books. That day was really hard work, but everone had fun and we had raised over £80 for the museum funds - not bad for a first attempt.


In 2006 the event was changed to be part of the National Archaeology Week. Several new games including Crossbow Castle Seige and digging for real artefacts and fossils.

There were also many arts and crafts activities, such as colouring celtic knots, painting Egyptian statues, making pottery and building Stonehenge. Over £140 was riased for the museum.


Here I am doing facial reconstruction of a Neanderthal skull using a kit from Casdon Toys

Young visitors looking at my skeleton (nicknamed "Agrippa") in a mock Iron Age burial.
Carole (the curator) helping with Owl pellet dissections


A young visitor searching for "buried treasure" - using a metal detector looking for chocolate coins


I introduced flintknapping demonstrations to the event in 2008 and the Mayor of Roytson and his son were among the many visitors.


2009 was another successful year with over £140 raised on the event day, with well over 150 children and adults enjoying the various games and activities, such as crossbow shooting (right).



At 10am on 26th June 2010, the fifth annual Archaeology Family Fun Day took place. The event was part of the Festival of British Archaeology 2010 and once again, was kindly supported by the Royston Community Chest Award scheme. Around £100 was raised on the day.

2010 activities included:

  • Excavate real Roman artefacts; plot them on a map; clean them; draw & lable them and take them home
  • Use geophysics (metal detecting) to hunt for buried treasure
  • Cave Painting
  • Take rubbings of ancient coins
  • Write your name in Egyptian Hieroglyphics
  • Colour Celtic Knots
  • Make & decorate pottery
  • Paint a Pharaoh and his queen
  • Paint a sword and shield
  • Use a crossbow to attack a medieval castle - lower the drawbridge and win a prize
  • Re-build Stonehenge
  • Find the special tabs on our Roman Soldier and win a prize
  • See a Stone Age living history display & Flintknapping




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