Çatalhöyük - Venus


  • Age: Around 7,000 and 5,500 BC
  • Material: Marble or calcite
  • Found: Çatalhöyük (Turkey) in 2004
  • Present Location:

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Found in building 42 in the south area in 2004, this female figurine is made from marble or calcite with divided legs, large buttocks and a slightly protruding stomach. The figure holds its arms up to its breasts. The head and face appear to have been worked, but no facial details were identified although there is a suggestion of hair or a head-cap. Yellow-orange staining appears on the much of the figurine, which is believed to be to natural and organic.

Some of the female figures are very plump and others appear to be giving birth to both humans and animals. Many of them represent people who have been decapitated, while others gorily show exposed body parts such as ribs, hip bones and pelvises.

Research in to the figurines from Çatalhöyük is directed by Professor Lynn Meskell as part of the Stanford Figurines Project. Over 2000 different types of figurines have been found. Made from clay or stone, some were crudely made animals, including sheep, goats, cattle and pigs. The more refined figurines include female statuettes, some holding animals, and seated male figures .

NOTE: Çatalhöyük is generally considered to be a Neolithic site according to the local time period in Turkey


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