Hacilar - "Frog" Venus


  • Age: Around 7,000BC
  • Material: Clay
  • Found: Hacilar (Turkey)
  • Present Location:

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This figurine appears to be a frog-woman hybrid - a symbol of regeneration that appears throughout Europe, China and the Americas over a long period of time.

(© Marija Gimbutas - "The Language of the Goddess" figure 390, page 253 of the first edition (1989 ) /OPUS Archives - with kind permission)

Hacilar was an early human settlement in Turkey (25 km southwest of present day Burdur) discovered by James Mellart . It has been dated to 7040 BC at its earliest stage of development and remains indicate that the site was abandoned and reoccupied on several occasions. The walls and floors of Hacilar houses were made from mud-brick and were lime mortared and red painted. In every house, there were goddess figurines made of clay, in standing and sitting postures.

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