The Goddess on the Throne


  • Age: Around 6,000 BP
  • Material: Terracotta
  • Found: Pristina, Yugoslavia (1956)
  • Present Location: Kosovo Museum
  • Length: 18.5cm

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The genderless seated terracotta figure from the Vinča culture, was found at the site of spinning mill, near Pristina, Yugoslavia, in 1956. The figurine’s head is five angular with sharp facial contours; the eyes are almond shape and the ears are pierced and there are four holes in the chignon (from the French phrase “chignon du cou” which means nape of the neck) and it is likely that hair or a head-dress was fixed through these holes. Two additional holes appear in each arm, although the purpose is not clear. The figure wears a amulet around the neck and was covered with red paint after firing

The Kosovo Museum has named the figure the Hynesha në Fron (Goddess on the Throne / Богиња на Трону)

The Vinča culture (also known as Turda culture or Turda-Vinča culture) is a Neolithic  culture  from Southeastern Europe.

NOTE: Vinča culture is generally considered to be Neolithic according to the local time period in Kosovo


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