Over the last ten years, Ancientcraft has been directly involved in a number of successful prehistoric themed projects, working with museums, schools, archaeologists, heritage centres, media (Time Team; Coast; National Geographic; The Great British Countryside), photographers and geologists in research and experimental archaeology. Ancientcraft is now pleased to offer a bespoke consultancy service to help with your specific Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age needs.

Examples of the types of projects Ancientcraft has been engaged with:


Ancientcraft has worked with many film, media and TV companies over the last ten years, providing prehistoric re-enactment services, supplying replica props and giving technical advice (based on the latest archaeological evidence). Recent examples included an interview with BBC World Service and filming for a prehistoric documentary covering the Middle East.


The 2017 DK Books release of "Findout! Stone Age" (ISBN 978-0-2412-8270-0) is the latest publishment in a number of works by Ancientcraft.

For this project, I was both in front and behind the camera; providing many of the props, materials and models (including myself) for the photo shoot and I was also engaged as the books' consultant. Photography took place in May 2016, with much of the text and technical reviews following on afterwards.

Other recent literature included a four-part series of articles on flintknapping for the Bush Craft Journal in 2016.


Numerous Museums, Heritage Centres, Archaeology Groups, Schools and Private Collectors have commissioned replica items made by Ancientcraft, such as the school's Stone Age Handling Box for Jersey Heritage (below).

Ancientcraft has also provided consultancies services to various museums, both to help display items in a more organised manner (such as below at Welwyn Hatfield museum service) and to identify / categorise mis-labled artefacts.

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