Ancientcraft has worked with a number of different film, media and TV companies over the last five years, providing prehistoric re-enactment services, supplying replica props and giving technical advice (based on the latest archaeological evidence) covering the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. If you have a media project that involves prehistoric man or primitive technologies and want to really bring it to life for your audience, then Ancientcraft can add that extra dimension and realism.


Travel Channel ~ 2017

I was asked by the US Travel Channel to create prehistoric scenes and discuss their archaeological significance for a new show to promote archaeology and travel in the UK. This involved me constructing and organising a small Neolithic farm scene. I was not permitted to be involved in both the modern day intepretations to camera and appear as a Stone Age character, so acted as the technical consultant to Travel Channel presenter Josh Gates, who joined me having a go at archery and flintknapping.

US Broadcast Date: Unkown


BBC Coast (Series 10) ~ 2014

During my month on the Ice Age Island of Jersey in July 2014, the archaeologist team was visited by BBC's Coast crew to film part of episode 6 for the tenth series of the popular Martine show. During the episode called "Caves and Coves", Nick meets the Ice Age Island archaeologists investigating how neanderthals used Jersey's caves for shelter, protection and as a first basic home. My role was to teach presenter Nick Crane how to flintknap and then demonstrate the ultrasharpe result by butchering a deer leg.

UK Broadcast Date: 13th August 2015


ITV News: Neolithic homes open at Stonehenge ~ 2014

Along with a number of other crafts people, I was commissioned by English Heritage to provide replica stone age items that would be displayed in the Neolithic dwellings at the new visitor centre in Stonehenge. My contribution was various flint tools, bows and arrows.ITV West Country's Wiltshire correspondent Robert Murphy reported on the public opening and the last sequence of his piece showed the arrows I created (right).

UK Broadcast Date: 2nd June 2014


Channel 4 Time Team Special: Britain's Bronze Age Mummies ~ 2013

On 7th August I took part in filming as part of a Team Time Special, taking part in a Shaman ritual demonstration at night on a beach at Low Hauxley is (Northumberland). The regular cast (right) Francis Pryor, Tony Robinson and Phil Harding were talking to specialist Dr Ffion Reynolds, who I had worked with in Anglesey earlier in the year. Further green-screen filming took place in Bristol on 1st December with members of Black Knight Historical.

UK Broadcast Date: 2nd March 2014


ITV News: Ice Age Jersey Interview ~ 2013

During my four weeks over the summer supporting the Ice Age Island excavation lead by Dr Matt Pope, I was interviewed by Katie Robinson from the local Jersey ITV News at my first location in the shadow of Mont Orgueil castle on Castle Green.  


The clip was shown as part of ITV local news on 9th July


People of stonehenge

Channel 4: The People of Stonehenge ~ 2012

I worked with Oxford Scientific Films on a Channel 4's The People of Stonehenge. Along with a number of extra's and the film crew, I took part in photo sessions for the documentary on 9th October.

I helped with technical advice on the type of set-up for each shot and I also provided a number of props (antler pick, flint axe, jewllery, beaker pot, flintknapping kit, skins) that were used.

Unfortunately, this entire photo section was not used in the final broadcast


BBC1: The Great British Countryside ~ 2012
Julia Bradbury & AC Julia Bradbury & AC

Filming at Kingley Vale Nature Reserve for BBC1's South Downs episode #3 of The Great British Countryside with Julia Bradbury. Filming took place on 17th January and the first scene was of me shooting my holmegaard bow and hazel wood shaft/flint tipped arrows into a modern straw archery target. Next I demonstrated the basic techniques of flintknapping and then helped Julia to make a simple arrowhead.

Finally Julia was to shot an arrow into the target - she had apparently never fired a bow before and using my holmegaard bow was probably not the easiest to learn with. After some tuition, Julia did manage to shot the arrow straight into the target, which she seem very happy with.

Julia Bradbury & AC

UK Broadcast Date: 1st March 2012


National Geographic: Stone Age Atlantis ~ 2010

I had one day filming for National Geographic for a TV programme called Stone Age Atlantis on 9th October. This required me and around 10 other people to reenact scenes from Mesolithic and Neolithic periods. I was joined on the day by John and Val Lord and their son Will Lord in Benacre, Suffolk for the last day of filming.

My main role was to flintknap using techniques of the period. I was asked to help carry, then butcher (using the tools we had made), cook and finally eat a fallow deer , which was a unique and interesting experience - but unfortunately much of the action proved too graphic for on screen viewing.

UK Broadcast Date: 11th April 2010

Film Extra Roles




In June 2009, I took part as a stunt extra in director Ridley Scott's film Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe and Kate Blanchet. My first location was at Pembrokeshire (Wales) for 4 days, then several more days (including a fantastic night scene) at Farnham.

Due to the many 100's of extras, I am not obviously visible in any scene, however as a stunt extra, I did lead a group of men and face charging horses on a beach.

UK Release Date: 14th May 2010


In 2003 I was a film extra for director Mike Leigh's film Vera Drake starring Imelda Staunton, Eddie Marsan, Richard Graham and Heather Craney. I was part of a family (who are actually my real Mum and Dad) that watched Vera from a window, after she was first arrested.

As we were behind a net curtain, there is very little of me on the screen (as you can see), but it was my first paid acting job.

UK Release Date: 7th January 2005


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