How the Shaman Experience could work at your event/location

  • The Prehistoric Shaman experience (as seen on Time Team's "Britain's Bronze Age Mummies") can be an ideal accompaniment to any Stone Age themed museum, heritage centre, educational or corporate events, archaeology outreach activities, bush craft shows or even unusual parties/fancy dress.
  • The Prehistoric shaman experience includes:
    • Witch Doctor; Medicine Man; Clan Leader ....... what is a Shaman?
    • Archaeological evidence of ancient shamanism
    • Explanation and displays of Shamans burials & (replica) grave goods, such as the use of orche, animal parts, venus figurines & crystals
    • Demonstration from the Shaman's kit (clothing & tools)
    • Stories & tales of how shamans may have interacted with their clans
    • Group drumming
  • Generally drumming session would last around 15-30 minutes, comprising:
    • Brief introduction of the session; how the shaman drum was made; how it is played and tuned
    • Basic drumming (follow the Shaman's beat)
    • Question and answer during and after sessions
  • They can worked well with a "Just drop-by/No booking required" approach or at large events where visitors are on the move, stopping occasionally to watch an activity, although once a drumming session starts, it will not be interrupted
  • Demonstrations would normally be booked for half a day (up to 3.5 hours)
  • Prehistoric Shaman Experience can be interlaced with talks on all things prehistoric e.g. flintknapping, artwork, archaeological sites, dwellings, food
  • Please read the Terms and Conditions

What could be on display

What I will need

  • Access:
    • I will need vehicle access to the location
    • Near-by parking
  • Location Area:
    • For the Prehistoric Shaman experience, I will need an area of no less than 5-6 square metres
    • Seating area for audience
  • Time:
    • Agreed start and end time
    • For the Prehistoric Shaman experience, I will need no less than 30 minutes preparation/set-up time and around the same to vacate the location
    • NOTE - preparation time will not be counted against agreed demo duration
  • Special Attention:
    • The Prehistoric Shaman experience is an interpretation of evidence-based archaeology - it should not be considered as formal musical training or lessons, or be confused with spiritualism or faith healing sessions
    • Replica grave goods can be displayed, including real animal parts in Shamanistic context (e.g. teeth & bones; hides; bird wings) - these are for educational purposes only and are not intended to offend or upset the audience. If you feel these are not appropriate, please discuss during booking.



Risk Assessment

  • I can provide a sample RISK ASSESSMENT form for use
  • I am CRB checked
  • The audience will be invited to participate in drumming
  • It is your responsibility to:
    • Provide a trained first aider (as required by your event)
    • Have details of the nearest A&E hospital (as required by your event)
    • Comply with any HSE checks/restrictions (as required by your event)

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